Urgent Prayer and Praise for Sandrof Family

by Wendy Jo Melcher, Access Coordinator @ MBC Loudoun

After a long week of going back and forth to Fairfax for shunt adjustments because of the pain. Cherie’s doctor informed her that he did not know what more to do but to operate again. Cherie spent last Saturday and Sunday immobilized in bed from the pain in her head. Yesterday morning, Matt drove Cherie to John’s Hopkins. After countless hours with Matt’s persistence and Cherie being less than 10 days out of surgery with shunt failure again, they started paying attention. They got her information in the hands of the Director of pseudo tumor clinic, Dr. Rigamomti. He has agreed to take her case. PRAISE JESUS!!!! GOD IS AWESOME!! This will mean many trips to John’s Hopkins over the next several weeks and even months because there is still no know cure.

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