Day 5: Los Brujanes and Local Ministry

By Leanna Wilson

How wonderful it was to go to two church plants done by Dominicans! Our group went to Las Brujanes, west of Santo Domingo, the capital. At the first church, the youth pastor already had the children gathered. He had us come to the front and introduce ourselves. The children cheered and applauded as he repeated our names. We then began the program with songs, a testimony, then a story. The story teller had the children repeat John 3:16. They enthusiastically said the verse from memory. A team member described their saying the verse as “having a slice of heaven.” We give God the glory for how the children’s hearts were prepared. We then played games with them to continue connecting with them.

After lunch, we headed to the next church plant. We went door to door witnessing. We gave God the glory for some Christians whom we met. Although no one accepted the Lord as Savior, we found out that some had heard the gospel at that church and another evangelical church in another community. We are confident that through God’s power, they will enter into a personal relationship with the Lord at a later time.

Please pray for the people of Las Brujanes as they will be continuing to be hearing the Gospel.

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