Day 2: First Day in the Field!

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Coming into this trip, I think many of us were unsure how God would specifically use us throughout the week. Today, we got our first vision of what that really was going to look like. After a long day of travel yesterday, we began midday prepping to go out into the Dominican community. Frank Ogle, from Score International, came to meet with us before we headed off to share the gospel. It was a humbling experience to hear Frank speak with a very clear love for not only the Lord, but also what he calls “his people” here in the Dominican. His inspiring testimony was the perfect way to start our trip.
After breaking into ministry groups, we took two different buses into the nearby villages. Again, many of us weren’t sure what to expect as we saw the colorful houses pass us by in our travel. When my ministry group got to our destination, there were already people gathered around waiting for us. Almost instantly, small children gravitated towards us and grabbed our hands to learn what we had to share. While language barriers may have been difficult, our innate willingness to share our love in order to spread His word allowed us to communicate to the community that had gathered. A spirited sack race sparked quick friendships that allowed the children to trust us as we went into our VBS program.

Throughout the course of the time we were with the villagers, we sang a song, shared a personal testimony, read The Walking Umbrella, made faith bracelets, shared the gospel message, played games with the children, and talked with the adults. As I reflect back on all these moments that happened in mere hours, I am so thankful to have been part of such an awe inspiring day. At dinner, I talked with Keith Andreassen who told me what impressed him the most was that we were able to just drop everything and share in a moment of pure love and goodness for one another, just as God intended for us as mankind. What he shared with me is that too often we get so wrapped up in the selfishness of our lives, that we forget that God’s intention for us is to do good for others. It really left an impression on him was that we experienced God’s love for each other as we met with the villagers.

I think one of the highlights of the trip was helping the children make the faith bracelets. Reading the book and then doing the craft with them allowed us to talk with them about the significance of each color. I, personally, helped several small children make their bracelets and read the message about each color with them. It was clear to all of us that they understood the purpose of the faith bracelets and would be able to share their pure when they met up with friends or went home to family. As they waved goodbye to us, it was so neat to see that they were proudly wearing the gospel on their wrists.

In my ministry group, sharing the gospel with the group of approximately 60-70 children allowed about 10 of them to raise their hands, expressing that they had prayed a salvation prayer with us. Praise the Lord! We cannot wait to continue sharing the gospel in the coming week and experience more humbling encounters.

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  1. A'Monica wrote on July 12, 2014 at 11:11 pm

    Praise God you all arrived safely and are ministering to the Dominican people! It was truly a blessing to read your post–thank you!! We are praying that God will do a mighty work in and through you all this week. Shalom:)