Day 6: Broken, Yet Sustained

By Dave Kroeze
Director of Outreach

I must state before we get too far that my “ChicAAAAgo” accent has become quite the topic around our team. It has been stated that my accent is so thick that it makes it unbearable to hear me say that word “challenge.” In light of this, I must start my blog using the word in the first sentence! Today was the most challenging day as a leader in my entire life. My heart has been broken on numerous occasions throughout the week, as it should be, but today I saw areas where Jesus would weep and Christians should interject.

The first village that we went to had some unique difficulties. I was able to engage in a variety of pick up games of baseball: pitching, batting and even fulfilling a life-long dream to serve as an umpire for a period of time. Throughout the courst of these games, I sensed a hightened sense of aggression towards a particular child. I would turn around and he would immediately be attacked by 3 or 4 children. I later came to find out that this child was seen as a curse upon the entire village because of his special needs. I internally wept and made it my morning task to encourage this particular little boy anyway that I could – mostly in the form of keeping the others away from him. As we were driving away, a fight broke out alongside the bus, with this child in the middle of it. My heart immediately broke for the people of Los Colucos because they do not understand the beauty and depth of children who have special needs. Unfortunately, we were unable to intervene on this boys behalf anymore, but I plead to the Lord that he would be safe, and that the village would come to see these children as an incredible blessing so that the Lord might be glorified. God is doing amazing things through our team, as the “alpha male” of the village accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior this morning. Additionally, SCORE is working to plant a church in the near future. God is good, and I look forward to visiting next summer and seeing the mighty tranformation that can only come at the hands of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The other village we went to saw us revisiting a village from Saturday afternoon. We adapted our program and played a variety of games with the children. Every
individual had the opportunity to share their faith and many were able to walk through a new decision as Christ transformed hearts. What JOY that brings us! The angels were rejoicing with singing and dancing as the Lord found many lost sheep today. Another little boy had scabs and scars all over his head. When he was pushed over, many of these injuries were reopened and infections are likely to follow. I pray that God would heal this little boy and that he would do mighty things for the Kingdom. What a joy that would be!

I cannot possibly communicate the emotions I felt today as I had to lead my team out of a village as a boy was being physically beaten. Today was a hard day because I felt totally helpless for the first time this week. There was absolutely nothing that I could do to help either of these little boys, and it fell into my lap to inform members of our team that we could, unfortunately, do nothing outside of praying for them.

I want to shout out to a few members of our team. I could share stories of each member, but a few need special recognition. Miriam Jensen, Maria Isaza and Raquel Pine have faithfully served us each day as translators. This is hard work and we could not do door to door evangelism without them. Dave Fackler, Jonathan Harris, Matthew Kim, and Katelyn Leidy (Happy 16th Birthday!) have faithfully led our team in worship each night. What a blessing they are. Nick Venegas, David Dodge, and Troy Bennett have faithfully led our ministry teams into the field and done an AMAZING job providing flexible but creative leadership in the midst of less than ideal circumstances. I am grateful for the team that God has built and the amazing work that he has done in our lives. I cannot believe that tomorrow (Thursday) is our last day of ministry. Pray that the Lord would move another mountain for His namesake and Glory!

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  1. Linda Kroeze wrote on July 17, 2014 at 3:49 pm

    Dear David,

    My heart is grieving over the injustice of the mistreatment shown to these precious children, especially those with special needs. I can feel the brokenness and helplessness you are feeling as well as the rest of the team. I pray that your presence will become a special part of their life journey, one that will guide them toward the “Better Way,” that of the Lord. I am so glad that God in His amazing way, has placed a rainbow of hope and joy in your path as you witness the lost being found! He is so good and knows just what we need.

    My prayers go out for each one of you as you represent and serve Him.

    Love, Mom