Leprosy Center

by Kylie Billings

Today on the last leg of our trip God once again showed me the kind of joy only the Holy Spirit can bring. I received special permission to switch teams for our last round of ministry work because we were visiting the only Leprosy hospital on the island. I had been once before on last year’s trip here, and I was impacted mightily by the love poured out on both ends of the people visiting and the patients. God worked on my heart all year using that memory as a source of peace and joy in my life. Getting to go back was a gift from God that I was so thankful for. I was able to revisit certain individuals from last year and see the impact of the patients on our team. The Lord works in amazing ways when we serve Him and are able to have our hearts broken for what breaks His. Personally, I was filled with gratitude, joy, and love being back in that place which was dear to my heart. I saw many other team members be moved to tears by the influence of the lepers and words spoken about them. A large portion of the group was shocked by the physical deformities of the lepers, but they were able to see past that and touch them through some discomfort, to show the patients the love of Christ. It was an encouraging thought that if Jesus was here in the Dominican right now, that Leprosy hospital was most definitely where He would be. After praying all week to be used by the Lord, we all got to be the hands of Jesus to the people who needed His love and renewal of faith. Today was the positive highlight of the trip for me, and I think I can speak for many others when I say it was theirs also. To wrap up this post for our last day, I can only say that I am extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to serve with both teams and see God move among the Dominican people. We’ll see you all soon!

This has been an amazing trip that I cannot be more thankful for. We are grateful that so many of you have supported us financially and spiritually as we see God’s Kingdom expanded and Him Glorified through the time we spent in the DR. We look forward to celebrating the Lord’s work when we arrive home tomorrow night.

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