DR Update Day 2

“Today was surreal. I was sitting under a tree singing songs of praise with tons of Dominicans. As I sang in English, and they in Spanish, I got a glimpse of heaven. One day we will be worshipping the King face to face from every nation in various languages. It’s gonna be sick.” – Katelyn Leidy

Sunday was our day of rest. We met together in the morning, but in general we had a lot of free time to relax and recharge for the next day. In the evening the we attended one of the local churches. Let me tell you that Dominicans know how to worship! Donnie spoke a beautiful and applicable message on the grace we’ve received and how we must show it to others. The church experience was one we won’t forget.IMG_0220

Monte’s Team:

Each day is better than before and I don’t even know how that’s possible but it is! We began the day hosting another VBS, but this time in Santa Domingo. We got to dance, play and act with the kids. It was hectic but also beautiful. Then we had lunch in the church while the pastor told us his testimony as well as the history of the church. Then we headed out to do door to do evangelism. It was amazing! A group of girls were saved and we got to pray for a man with only 17 days to live. Today was life changing and faith building and we can’t wait for tomorrow.


Nick’s Team:

Gloria á Dios! Today we were blessed to spend the day in Quisqueya, one of the poorest areas in the Dominican Republic. Monty’s team spent Saturday in this beautiful little village and the local people were so excited to have us back! We spent the earlier part of the day going door-to-door and sharing the Gospel. Many of the people we spoke to had been involved in the church but had walked away because they felt as if they weren’t good enough for God. We explained His unending, unconditional love to them and watched the wonder in their faces. Not everyone accepted Christ on the spot, but every person we spoke to left the conversation asking questions they’d never asked before.

Lunch was amazing, and we had a ton of fun with our translators and the local church staff. Rachel Mihalic bestowed upon the DR the concept of the selfie and the art of the duck face ;) Later in the afternoon, we put on our VBS program and played for hours with the children. A large group kept up continuous worship during the playtime (read Katelyn’s quote at the top of the post).

Today was a good day. God has made His presence known and felt by every single one of us. There was a moment today where I sat back and realized that I have stopped thinking of these people as poor. When I came last year, I saw them as unfortunate and I pitied them. Now, cliche as it sounds, I realize that they have so much of what really matters: joy and contentment. The Dominican people are materially poor, but in their poverty they have this faith in God, even if they don’t really understand Him or His son. They have a reverence towards the Lord and a dependence on Him that is essentially nonexistent in Northern Virginia. Our prayer is that we come back transformed forever, and that all of our brothers and sisters back home learn to see Him as truly faithful and powerful, and for all of us to live our lives like we believe it.

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