DR Update 4

“What really struck me the most about this trip was the abject poverty these people lived in. Yesterday we visited a village that was described as a dump mixed with a water filtration plant. These people lived in a literal dump, and earned money by allowing people to put trash there for payment. But this led me to realize the total strength of our team. We pushed through it and did ministry for those people. And I realize how truly spoiled we are, but that God being in a personal relationship with us is one of the greatest riches of all.” – David Harrop

This is day seven of our trip, and our last day of ministry. It’s almost impossible to believe. Each day has been so full of new things and experiences, opportunities to adapt and moments we failed to. By God’s grace, we have had each other and Him in all of those moments, the beautiful and the ugly.

Monte’s Team:

This morning we headed  over to Spring in the Desert a daycare in San Pedro. There we hosted a VBS for the preschoolers and spent a lot of time holding and playing with them. The children were so sweet and were a beautiful example of how Jesus calls us to have childlike faith.

After a delicious lunch of tacos and nachos, we went back to Quisqueya to complete door to door evangelism. We walked to many houses sharing our testimony and the good news of Jesus. All in all it was an effective and good last full day on the field. God has taught us so much this week and we are excited to bring and utilize what we learned back in the United States!

Nick’s Team:

We went out this morning a few people short; several members of the team were sick and it was best for them to stay back. They’re feeling a bit better (I just asked), praise God. Please pray for their healing continued and full recovery.

Our morning ministry was to the leprosy house, which is my personal favorite place in the DR. Some of us who went last year were able to see the same people we met before, which was really sweet for us.

Later today we held our last VBS at a small church out in the country. Many of these kids were a little bit older than the ones we’ve worked with previously, but they were just as excited to participate in games and worship. We sang “Down by the Banks” I don’t know how many times, and some of our guys wrestled a bit with the older boys. It was especially sad when we had to go because this was our last village. The people here just find their way into your heart and it feels like you’re leaving a bit of yourself behind. It’s a good hurt though, because you know that you’ve made a difference, even if it was just to one kid whose hand you held during a prayer.




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