DR Update Day 1

“I went on the trip last year and I loved it so much that it was an easy decision to come back. I’ve been thinking lately about what my motivation really should be for going again, and I realized that we’re doing what Jesus would be doing and did do when he was here on earth, so this is exactly what Jesus wants me to be doing.” – Kaylin Manley

WE MADE IT! Praise God!

Today was our first day of real ministry. As we have two bloggers (one per team), our goal is for each post to have a short summary from each team.

Nick’s Team:
We spent the day in Los Bruhanes, located in the mountains. In case you didn’t know, the word “Bruhan” means “witch.” The village has an ingrained culture of witchcraft and voodoo. Thanks to the new local church plant, things are changing drastically for the better. We spent the first half of the day running a VBS for the village children. We told the story of David, with team members and children as actors in a skit. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with the kids on a hill, looking at the gorgeous landscape.
The second half of the afternoon was spent doing door-to-door evangelism. This is the part that scares a lot of people, but it was really amazing to see the passion of our translators, who live here year round and are invested in the community. We witnessed a total of seven people accept Christ today, and we prayed with many more. All in all, an excellent first day!

Monte’s Team:
Today we got the opportunity to evangelize in Quesqueya. After being introduced to the staff of the local church and singing worship songs together, we were sent out to pray for families in the church. We prayed for healing over illnesses, their houses that were falling apart, employment and other situations. Then we headed over to the Emmanuel House, a Christian school for poor children and kids who have special needs, and ate a delicious lunch. We met the founder of Emmanuel House and learned her encouraging story of faith as she founded the school. She is hoping to get her visa to begin a school in Africa. How cool is she?!

For the second half of the day we held a VBS back at the church for the kids. We sang lots of songs, performed skits, shared the salvation story, and played with the kids. Between jump rope, hand games, and painting nails, we all had a fun time. Today was an amazing day and it’s hard to believe this is only the beginning.

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  1. Steve Hawley wrote on July 12, 2015 at 10:16 am

    Great update and writing. I pray for safety and God’s guiding hand in all you do. Pictures would be an added bonus!
    God Bless!