Turkey Outreach—Impacting Loudoun Families with a $33 Box of Food

This year, McLean Bible church (MBC) celebrates its 20th year of loving families through Turkey Outreach.

Turkey Outreach is our Thanksgiving-time ministry to the DC community. We provide whole thanksgiving meals to hundreds of thousands of people. This year alone, we will provide boxes to 65,000 people in the DC area.

To rejoice in MBC Loudoun’s participation in Turkey Outreach, we wanted to hear from our volunteers and community liaisons about how they have seen families impacted by a $33 box of food.

Pam Harris, MBC Loudoun Volunteer

“(Here in Loudoun County), we are so abundantly blessed with food that we take it for granted,” said Pam Harris, MBC Loudoun volunteer.

Meredith Kroeze, Resource Teacher at Creighton’s Corner Elementary and MBC Loudoun volunteer, points out that turkey dinners are expensive “with all the fixings and everything” she said. “Families don’t celebrate because they can’t afford it.”

Meredith Kroeze, MBC Loudoun VolunteerThirty-three dollars doesn’t seem like much to most of us, but for a family devastated by the loss of income, providing a Thanksgiving meal to their family feels like it’ll cost a million dollars.

“One of the fathers (at our school) had lost his job,” said Lisa Figeroa, Parent Liaison at Creighton’s Corner Elementary School. “Money was a huge, huge issue. (The Turkey Outreach box) just made their Thanksgiving. We were able to give them two boxes—because you can never have too many leftover sandwiches!”

“You can just see the thankfulness in their faces,” said Chaplain Ron Sage, volunteer at the Loudoun Adult Detention Center. “Turkey Outreach lets them know that someone out there really does care. It could be the very reason people come to church.”Chaplain Ron Sage, Loudoun Adult Detention Center

“The impact has been so positive,” said Lisa. “Knowing that someone out there cares. It’s comforting to them.”

Dave Kroeze, MBC Loudoun Outreach PastorThrough Turkey Outreach, MBC Loudoun is able to give many of these families a hand up and help move them from crises to self-sustainability. “This is why each and every one of our volunteers is vital in this endeavor,” Outreach Pastor Dave Kroeze said. “God is on the move through the local church, and it is a blessing to play a small role in mobilizing God’s people for God’s work.”

If you would like to witness families blessed by Turkey Outreach, sign up to deliver boxes on Saturday, November 21st.

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