Uganda Update 1–In the Slums of Katwe

December 28, 2015

by Kari Wilson, #LoudounUganda Team Member

Today was an amazing day. The Lord did more than we could have ever asked or imagined. Our ministry took place at St. Gates Church in the slums of Katwe. The church was running a free medical clinic for people in the area, offering treatment for acute medical problems and screenings for HIV, Typhoid, and Malaria.

Unfortunately, HIV/AIDS still effects 7.3% of the Ugandan population and many people have been effected by a cholera epidemic, so it felt purposeful for us to be a part of the treatment process for these people.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The Lord definitely stretched each one of us out of our comfort zones today as we were all facing challenging roles that we have never experienced before. Vijay was responsible for sharing the gospel to the groups of people coming into the clinic. Although he was extremely nervous to speak in front of a group of people, our Ugandan native team member Muyambi said that once he got up to speak, Vijay’s words were flowing perfectly, and it was apparent that God was speaking through him to share His specific message.

Sean, Christine, and Chris had similar experiences when sharing their testimonies to patients. Christine said, “I would have never been one to talk about myself in front of a group of people but when the opportunity arose I felt strongly on my heart to share my testimony to them.” Through the sharing of the testimonies and gospel message, 40-50 people decided to accept the Lord today at the Saint Gate’s Church!

Karen, Jackie, Kari, Erin and Renee were put into medical roles that they had never experienced before. The team faced the challenge of helping the Ugandan medical team with patients due to a language barrier. Hundreds of patients were seen each day and received free screenings and medications as needed.

Erin, Kari, and Renee spent hours taking notes from each patient on their symptoms and doing the best they could to direct people through the clinic.

Jackie facilitated the testing for HIV, Malaria, and Typhoid.

Many of our team members had never seen such poverty or poor conditions in their life and were deeply effected emotionally, yet it was an amazing opportunity to show us how other people live and that despite the poverty, people were still very happy.

God showed us today what it meant to rely on Him in our weakness. We realized that we all have our roles in the body of this team. Sometimes it’s hard to see God in the midst of all the chaos that we experienced today, but overall the Lord sees and was the ultimate Director of the medical clinic.

As far as our team is concerned, we have become so cohesive that we have already established great relationships through laughing, praying, and worshiping together.


  1. PTL! Praying often for you all. Keep up the good work and give hugs to the littles for me!

  2. Leah J wrote on January 4, 2016 at 8:32 pm

    This blog is so inspiring. Praying for all of you and my dear friend Karen who encouraged me to follow your blog. You are clearly a blessing to the children but I sense you are also being blessed! I look forward to your safe return home and the lives you touch here at home with your experiences.