Uganda Update 2-The Clinic, The Slums, The Conference

December 29, 2015

By: Sean, Kari, and Dave, #LoudounUganda Team Members

Working at the Clinic

Today, the team spent another day at Saint’s Gate Church working with the medical clinic. Because we were there yesterday, we all knew our roles and the people with whom we were working, making the process as smooth as possible.

The clinic served 357 people the first day. Because the needs of the individuals were so great, the church ran out of necessary medicine. MBC Loudoun was able to purchase all of the medicine and supplies needed to serve enough people for today and tomorrow. It was such a blessing to be able to serve the church in this way.

Chris, Vijay, and Christine continued to present the Gospel upstairs while the rest of the team worked in the clinic downstairs. Chris spoke with a man whose family had converted from Islam to Catholicism, and the man was considering converting back to Islam. The man was going through a really rough time. After hearing Chris’s testimony, he came forward and made the decision to follow Christ.

Walking the Slums of Katwe

Erin, Renee, and Sean had the opportunity to take a two-hour walk through the slums of Katwe and got to experience the poverty firsthand.

Sean was walking through the slums and had amassed a following of small children. He was approached by a baby who was barely able to walk. The baby had crossed an unstable bridge over one of the many sewers running about 4 feet underneath. The bridge was made of wood with a few nails sticking up. The baby grabbed onto Sean’s shorts. Sean felt like Paul and Jesus in the New Testament as people tried to grab onto their garments and tassels for healing, although Sean was most likely grabbed because he stuck out like a sore thumb!

The baby turned away because Sean was focusing on the older kids who could understand him, but then Sean realized that this baby was the “least of these” and deserved just as much attention as any other kid living in the slums because his hope is most likely the same.

Sean started to sing the chorus of “10,000 Reasons” to the small baby, dressed only in white underwear with no shoes. Although the child was unaware of anything going on, other than that he was getting the attention he was looking for, it was a spiritual experience for Sean because he felt like he was singing to Jesus himself, feeling that whatever you do for the “least of these, you do for [Jesus].”

Dave at Pastor’s Conference

Dave had a great time at the pastor’s conference in Kigumba. Over 500 pastors participated and we were able to provide the additional bibles for each of them. He mentioned that he had never seen a group of people so impacted by the gift of a Bible.

The lives of those at the conference have been transformed, and they have requested that we come back next year to continue their education. We look forward to continue our partnership with these village pastors in the coming years, Lord willing.

One of the greatest moments of this conference was seeing one pastor, a teenager, and a child give their lives to Jesus for the first time. This pastor confessed to Dave that he had never been told the Gospel before yet he was overseeing the spiritual needs of the village without the resources or salvation to serve them effectively. This pastor has an entire new outlook on ministry because of what the Lord has done!

God has been glorified in the far reaches of the villages. Disciples who make disciples are being made.

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  1. I only wish that ALL of you knew how much your testimonies have touched my heart and left me feeling overwhelmed with His living proof to the gifts He gives us, through each of your presence. Thank you for helping me put my daily gifts into perspective so that I too be reminded, through each of your living testaments, to serve. God bless you.