Uganda Update 4–Mulago Hospital, Destiny School, & New Year’s Eve Bash

December 31, 2015

by Chris Gordy, #LoudounUganda Team MemberWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Mulago Hospital

Today we began by visiting the children’s section of the Intensive Care Unit at Mulago Hospital. As we made our way to the hospital, we were stunned by the business that was set up dead center in front of the hospital. This business specialized in casket making for the deceased because there is only two ways out of the hospital and that’s dead or alive.

When we arrived, we were warmly greeted by the hosts and escorted directly to the NICU. It was difficult for us at first to adjust to the environment and see some of the sickness up close that these little children had. It was encouraging to see that despite their circumstance they were still filled with joy.

Destiny School  Dave Kroeze with kids at the orphanage

Destiny itself is an orphanage and a primary and secondary school consisting of 1700 students. We visited the campus and got a better feel for the vision and need for the future of this great place.

We went on a tour of the multipurpose room that was built by us through our Rock Ministry. This addition has fulfilled a great need for Destiny and is being used as a cafeteria, conference room, and training center.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

As a whole, we as Mclean Bible Church have a very important relationship and want to continue our partnership in tangible ways that will impacts lives for the the orphanage

New Year’s Eve Bash

I think all of us can agree that we have never experienced a New Year’s Eve quite like this one. We brought in the New Year by worshiping together at Saint’s Gate Church. The Ugandan people were so excited to have us spend time together as one church.

When we got off the bus the children ran up to us like we were family and would not let go of our hands. The tradition here in Ugandan churches is to pray the new year in through the entire night. The worship was very lively. The entire building was filled with the joy of the Lord. They all grabbed any nearest object (chairs, purses, plants, baskets, etc.) to raise in the air to symbolize carrying their burdens as the Jews carried their burdens out of Egypt.

Each of us are establishing close relationships with the staff and members of Saint’s Gate Church. Cyrus preached the Gospel message and 15 people came to the front and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

This service was an amazing experience. Our God is the God of every country, and it is such a blessing to worship with believers in a different culture.

Happy New Year!

Editor’s Note: Dave posted a video of the New Year’s Eve bash on Facebook. You’ll find photos of other parts of the trip on Facebook as well.

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