Uganda Update 5–Children in Luwero

January 1, 2016

by Chris Gordy and Kari Wilson, #LoudounUganda Team Members

Sister Barbara in Luwero

Today was a shorter day of ministry since we were recovering from our late night New Year’s Eve celebration. We took a short road trip to Luwero and visited the local church.

We were greeted by Sister Barbara who was overflowing with joy and happiness upon our arrival. She was so excited to welcome us that she wouldn’t let us get off the bus before giving each team member a hug.

Barbara is an amazing example of God’s faithfulness through her love and commitment to the children of Uganda. Watching her serve these children and seeing the sacrifices she makes helps us understand the importance of having Godly leaders within these communities. It’s an honor to be able to stand alongside and support local leaders like Sister Barbara.  All of us were impacted through our interaction with Sister Barbara and the kids.

Clothes for the Luwero Children

We were able to provide roughly 300 pounds of clothes for the local children in the area. This church does not receive visitors very often, so to be able to come and bless the church was an amazing experience. Because of this, these kids were a little more reserved than others we’ve met. But once we started spending time with them they opened right up. They grabbed our hands, sang us songs, and played games with us. We also organized a race with the kids which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Pastor Fred and Wife Liz in Kampala

Dave with Pastor Fred & his new motorcycle

After visiting Luwero, we met Pastor Fred and his wife Liz for dinner in Kampala. Both Pastor Fred and Liz shared their testimonies, and we were able to pray for them and their ministry at Saints Gate and Destiny.

It was a great ending to a very rewarding day of ministry.

Editor’s Note: The photo on the right is Dave Kroeze with Pastor Fred and his new motorcycle. Pastor Fred had to take a taxi 30 minutes to get to church, paying money he doesn’t have. He also is involved in 3 communities and had difficulty getting around. MBC Loudoun provided the $1200 to buy him the motorcycle to get around.

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