Ministry Day 4

By Dave Fackler Today we split into two teams. In the morning, Nick Venegas’s team went to Quisqueya while Dave Dodge’s and Troy’s team went to Monte Cristy. While in Quisqueya, the team met the founder of Emanuel House and heard her testimony and toured the establishment. Later in the morning our youngest member, Amber(she […]

Day 3: Shopping Mall Outreach

By Kylie Billings Today in our travels we ventured out into Santo Domingo to a shopping mall where Coca Cola was displaying the World Cup final.  Our goal was to evangelize to the locals who were shopping and watching the game.  While at first timid of the task before us, many of the team members […]

Day 2: First Day in the Field!

By Leah HawleyWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Coming into this trip, I think many of us were unsure how God would specifically use us throughout the week. Today, we got our first vision of what that really was going to look like. After a long day of travel yesterday, we began midday […]

Safely Arrived!

All flights have arrived and all members are accounted for! We had some slight delays due to bathroom malfunctions, but we are finally settled into our hotel and will get some much needed sleep before ministry starts tomorrow! Grateful for the prayers!

Dominican Republic Travel Day

Throw up a prayer for our DR Team today. We travel out of Reagan tonight at 5:00. Pray for rest, as we arrive extremely late, and pray for our time on the ground. We start going out into villages to share the Gospel tomorrow! Broadly speaking, pray for the following three things throughout the week: […]

Do You Know What You Believe?

One of the strongest contributing factors to disunity in the church throughout the centuries has been inconsistency in how people interpret the Word of God. Not only does this contribute to disunity in the church, but it also hinders our witness to the lost world because people don’t know what or whom to believe.

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The mature disciple that is represented by the Psalmist as a “tree firmly planted” did not get that way overnight did he? Of course not! Disciples start out their walk as a seemingly weak and insignificant sapling. As the Psalmist indicates, maturity happens through a process of removing the sinful influences from our lives and developing a love for God through spiritual disciplines. Over time disciples grow strong, dependable and influential as they multiply disciples as the fruit of their lives.

Typo Correction: The Most Important Letter Ever Written

By MBC Communications Please note that the February 12, 2014 post, written by Will Pavone, entitled “The Most Important Letter Ever Written” contained a typographical error in a Scripture reference. We inadvertently created this error in the editing/posting process. We apologize for any confusion as it relates to the Scriptural context of this message. The […]

True Mark of Leadership

by Susie Battle, Director of Ministry Teams @MBCLoudoun “The church is the most leadership-intensive enterprise in society.” That’s what Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek, thinks. Why?  According to John Maxwell in The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, positional leadership doesn’t work in volunteer organizations.  In the military, leaders use rank.  In business, there is […]

February Second Saturday

by Amelia Sipress, Associate Director of Ministry Teams @ MBC Loudoun February’s Second Saturday was a great time of blessing others with the love of Christ. Dozens of families and adults gathered on a snowy day to make 55 valentines for residents at a local retirement community. Each family received a copy of Adventures in […]