DR Update 4

“What really struck me the most about this trip was the abject poverty these people lived in. Yesterday we visited a village that was described as a dump mixed with a water filtration plant. These people lived in a literal dump, and earned money by allowing people to put trash there for payment. But this […]

DR Update 4

“John Piper said ‘You never know what prayer is for until you know that life is war.’ And I think that’s really true, especially on a trip like this.”-Cam Florence Day six of our trip was pretty emotional for everyone. A few of us are sick or exhausted or both, but despite the discomfort I […]

DR Update 3

“I have been on this trip six times and have never seen the Spirit move in the way it has this week! Today was a day of great service to the local church. A focus of this trip has been to serve and empower the local church so it can grow and make a lasting […]

DR Update Day 2

“Today was surreal. I was sitting under a tree singing songs of praise with tons of Dominicans. As I sang in English, and they in Spanish, I got a glimpse of heaven. One day we will be worshipping the King face to face from every nation in various languages. It’s gonna be sick.” – Katelyn Leidy […]

DR Update Day 1

“I went on the trip last year and I loved it so much that it was an easy decision to come back. I’ve been thinking lately about what my motivation really should be for going again, and I realized that we’re doing what Jesus would be doing and did do when he was here on […]

Sienna’s Offering

A little girl named Sienna asked us if she could donate money to the missions trip. Of course, we welcomed the thought. She opened a handmade zebra print piggy bank decorated with smiley face stickers and poured out all of its contents into the box.

Clinging to the Word of God Amidst Persecution – Indonesia

This week in our house church, a heartfelt testimony was shared about how often believers must endure persecution. It is very common in the lives of those with whom we serve. Working more openly with believers in recent years has caused our own family to begin, in small ways, to experience it firsthand.

Trust in the Lord – Dominican Republic

By Mirqueya Guzman – Dominican Republic MBC has been sending short-term mission trips and supporting Emanuel House in the Dominican Republic for many years. Some of you may have participated on one such trip! It is a blessing to hear more about how the Lord is using Mirqueya and her staff to share the gospel […]

WAtCh™Moonlight (2016)English Full [HD] Episodes Download

Honestly, are you a little bit hesitant to pray fervently about your role in the Global Church for fear of what God may ask you to do, or where He may ask you to go? Perhaps you hear amazing stories about how God is using missionaries around the world, and you’re tempted to think…

Forgiveness – Middle East

MBC supports missionaries around the world. Many of them are serving in locations in which the gospel is vehemently opposed. For security reasons, we cannot share their names, locations or specifics. They are living their daily lives sharing the gospel with men, women and children who have virtually no other chance to hear the good […]