Discipleship, Our Way of Life

Our decision to attend MBC Arlington was a lengthy, sometimes bewildering process. We had been members at MBC Tysons for several years and were serving in Marriage Mentors and City Impact. However, when we moved to Crystal City as empty nesters in 2011, it became more difficult to be involved in events at the Tysons campus outside of the worship services. We loved MBC but felt called by God to plant ourselves in Arlington; unfortunately for us, the only MBC ministry in Arlington at that time (Frontline) was for those in their 20s & 30s! We did a search and visited some other churches in Arlington, yet our quandary was that our heart was for MBC and also to serve closer to our new home; it just didn’t seem possible to do both.

The Goodness of Our King

This week in my Multiply study group we discussed Chapter 8, which speaks to the “kingship” of Christ, His Kingdom and what that means for us today.

As we discussed how the concept of Christ’s kingship practically manifests itself in our lives, another thought struck me. While we help others to see that they should make Christ the king and lord of their lives, what is the motivator behind this? In other words, what would motivate someone to want to make God a priority, let alone king over their lives? The answer would lie in the attributes of who God is.

Why I Love Part Four of Multiply

My awe for who God is and His plan for me has grown through reading Part Four of Multiply, “Understanding the Old Testament.” I took Old and New Testament Surveys during my four years at a Christian college and have some seminary under my belt. Even so, I have never before been positioned to take in the whole panorama of God’s plan to relate to His people like I have through studying Multiply. Let me share what reading Part Four of Multiply is doing in my life.

When Words Fail

When disaster strikes, no one knows what to say. If the words escape past the lump in your throat, they still seem to lose their meaning. In times of trouble, words become cheap, but simple actions are gold.

From All Nations…

Go and make disciples of all nations…. Matthew 28:19a

As a Hispanic, these words sound like music to my ears! I have always imagined Heaven as an amazingly diverse place, with people of all shapes and sizes and colors. Languages, known and unknown, being spoken with joy and voices singing beautiful praises.

Stop Standing on the Sidelines

I am new to Christianity and did not know if I should even sign up for a Multiply group. I was actually looking for a Christianity 201 class and/or Bible study group. I asked a MBC member who had befriended me about what was best for me. She encouraged me to join Multiply. I have to say that it was more than I expected. I loved the group of women who attended and loved hearing about their journey with Christ. It was such a great sharing experience. It showed me the importance of fellowship and how rewarding it can be. I especially am thankful for the supportive environment and accepting nature that made me feel comfortable in sharing.

A View of Discipleship from Thousands of Years Ago

As I’ve been reading through the Old Testament (for those of you who think Christians just need to live in the New Testament…I beg you to rethink that approach) I came across the story of Elijah (disciple-maker) and Elisha (disciple) in 2 Kings 2. See how this passage really lays out for us what disciples being disciple-makers looks like in real life.

3 Principles of Ideal Discipleship

“Is there an ideal way that discipleship should happen?” Great question. This one question leads to many: Is it one-on-one? Older to younger? Peer-to-peer? In a classroom? In a small group? Or is it in a mid-size Bible study?

Real Stories of God’s Work Through Multiply

Then there’s the story of Tim, a former football player suffering from chronic pain due to five herniated discs. He called me a few weeks ago to talk about getting involved with Multiply. I was so encouraged by his story, and hopefully you will be as well!

Seek First His Kingdom and His Righteousness

Meet David, a young man involved in McLean Bible Church’s ministry for kids with special needs. Hear how he taught his dad to study the Bible.