Dissolving Reluctance, Resolving to Pray

The ancient ruins of Nineveh still stand on the eastern side of the Tigris River, which could remind all of God’s compassion at the time of Jonah. But instead we see it frequently on the news—a hotbed of warring Islamic factions—and chalk it up to someplace remote where God isn’t. But today I am challenged that God is indeed active. He is actually sovereign over all peoples and cares about their well-being, just as he cared about the Ninevites so long ago.

The Wonder of Talking with Jesus

Imagine sitting across the table from Jesus and having a personal talk about your life, work, and ministry and asking him to provide this or that.

Prayer for the Muslim World

The greatest blessing in my life is the fact that I have been saved from a life of sin and misery and adopted as a daughter of the King of the Universe! Talk about an awesome thought! Those of us who have been born again by the Spirit have the privilege of praying for those still lost in their sin. And there is no larger group of people living without the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ than Muslims who comprise almost a quarter of the world’s population.

Lesson on Prayer

God has taught me a lesson. In a good way. He has once and for all put to rest my forever-reoccurring issues with prayer. Even to type the words “issues with prayer” makes me cringe. In the days leading up to my recent baptism I was wrestling with questions like “Why pray if God has a perfect plan and I really don’t have a clue? And what if He hears my messed up prayers and decides to deviate from His plan just because I have not begged Him often enough?” All too familiar territory and I cannot believe that somehow or other I ended up back there—again.

Urgent Prayer and Praise for Sandrof Family

by Wendy Jo Melcher, Access Coordinator @ MBC Loudoun After a long week of going back and forth to Fairfax for shunt adjustments because of the pain. Cherie’s doctor informed her that he did not know what more to do but to operate again. Cherie spent last Saturday and Sunday immobilized in bed from the […]

Prayer for the Sandrof Family

by Wendy Jo Melcher, Access Coordinator @ MBC Loudoun I received this email and wanted to share this with you. Cherie Sandrof sent an email expressing gratitude for the outpouring of support they have received. It is amazing to see the Lord work through you when His people step out in faith to bless others. […]