From All Nations…

Go and make disciples of all nations…. Matthew 28:19a

As a Hispanic, these words sound like music to my ears! I have always imagined Heaven as an amazingly diverse place, with people of all shapes and sizes and colors. Languages, known and unknown, being spoken with joy and voices singing beautiful praises.

The Global Church: Part 3 – Unity is Like Cake

A highly diverse, multiethnic group or nation is usually characterized by conflict and disunity. Our own government representatives haven’t been a model of agreement. The United Nations isn’t always so united. Peace hasn’t exactly broken out worldwide. Peoples are in constant disunity—within families, communities and on national and international levels. Why?

Will You Go and Meet Them?

Growing up in Ethiopia, it was very easy and comfortable to invest in the local church I grew up in. But I don’t think I ever considered other believers around the world or even the other churches in the city I lived in. I mean why would I think of someone I hadn’t met?

Clinging to the Word of God Amidst Persecution – Indonesia

This week in our house church, a heartfelt testimony was shared about how often believers must endure persecution. It is very common in the lives of those with whom we serve. Working more openly with believers in recent years has caused our own family to begin, in small ways, to experience it firsthand.

The Global Church: Part 2 – Here and There

At a Bible study in my home for English learners, I once asked the group to turn back to the first book of the Bible, intending to make a point about Adam. I said, “Let’s go to the beginning, back to the story of the time when God created the earth.” A mainland Chinese woman looked up at me and said with utter astonishment, “He did?”